Case Studies

Billboard of an animal hospital with cute design loved by local people!

【Place】 T-junction intersection, Wakabayashi-ku, Sendai city

【Client】 NANAIRO animal hospital ((Nanairo no Sato, Wakabayashi-ku, Sendai city)

【Client’s request】
A cute design that will be loved by local people

【Feature of the billboard】 
The billboard is located after a traffic light. This gives motorist time to see it. The billboard has the name of the hospital in large letters. It also give instruction to turn right at the next traffic light.

【Client’s feedback】
 “The design is cute and we like it. We also would like to provide better veterinary care to the community nearby.”

【Our Remark】We were able to set up an attractive and eye-catching billboard containing both necessary information and image appeal. We hope this signboard will be helpful to owners of animals in this area through the promotion of NANAIRO Animal Hospital and direction to the hospital.

【Report from】
Nagata Sendai Office
(Sendai City :population 1.08M)