Case Studies

Fashionable transit advertisement for a new beauty salon

【Place】 At west exit concourse in Meitetsu Nishio Station

【Client】Hair salon Solt (Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture)

【Client’s request】
 “Please set up a signboard coincides with the opening of the Hair salon Solt.”

【Nagata’s service】
The salon is in a good location, a 3-minute walk from Meitetsu Nishio Station. However, it was difficult to secure a place for a signage at its location.
Therefore, taking advantage of the proximity of the station, we proposed an advertisement inside the station.

There was no unused media in the existing advertising spaces, so we negotiated with Meitetsu and were able to set up a new signage.
Because it was at a place that attracted the attention of people who use the station, the hair salon Solt was satisfied with the signboard.

【Report from】 Nagata Mikawa office
(Nishio City :population 170K)