Case Studies

Wall signboard at the entrance of a commercial facility

【Place】 In front of the parking lot exit of the MEGA Don Quijote HAKODATE store One of the most popular commercial facilities in the district.

【Client】 A company running a custom-made suit shop called GINO

【Nagata’s aim】
We suggested that we use the letters of the brand name GINO. This execution will help in the name recall of the brand given that it is still quite new to the market. Customer recognition and recall are very important during the introduction stages of the brand.

【Client Feedback】
“The signboard was very catchy and attracted the attention of many motorists.”

 As this case proves, the entrance and exit of a large and popular commercial facility is an effective place for installing billboards.

 【Report from】
Nagata Hakodate office
(Hakodate City population :266K)