2020.07.02Global Business

【Malaysia】New initiative using a huge billboard in Bukit Bintang area “KL Messages”

We started a new initiative in Malaysia. It is the messaging billboard “KL Messages”.

Why don’t you send a loving message using a huge LED billboard in Bukit Bintang, Malaysia?

 A huge LED billboard in the Bukit Bintang area is attracting the attention of large Japanese companies operating in Malaysia. Below is an example of a new initiative utilizing this billboard.

 Because of the Corona Virus the New Normal has begun. Given the strength of our company, which is outdoor advertising, we are in the best position to make this new initiative happen. Our company is in the best position to disseminate information.

 The new challenge for our Malaysian subsidiary is “KL Messages”.
Its goal is to use a huge billboard to send useful information to many people and to deliver loving messages to precious ones.

 【How to send information】

Simply post the information you want to deliver to Facebook’s “KL Message” page

Or, when posting on twitter or Instagram, just post the message with the hash tag #klmessages

 Some of the posted messages will be displayed on this large screen. The content of the message must have a theme, “to be a message of warm encouragement or love to the whole society, friends and family.”

 For example, a message celebrating the marriage of an important friend, a message to support the youth who will lead the future, a message of encouragement from the company to consumers, a cheering message to foreign tourists, a thank you message to medical staffs, etc.

 Facebook “KL Messages”

 New concept of O3O (Online to Offline to Online)

This activity aims to realize O3O that is one step ahead from the concept of O2O which is connecting the behavior on the internet (Online behavior) to purchasing behavior at the actual store (Offline behavior).

The message sent thru SNS is displayed on the LED Billboard. Then the message is again shared on SNS.

 In addition, this effort is supported by the Ministry of Tourism, Malaysia and was posted on the official blog.

 Why don’t you post your message on Bukit Bintang?「KL Messages

Nagata Advertising aims to make this KL Message a “bridge” between Malaysia and Japan.

 To those in charge of companies and local governments who wish to collaborate with us.

We will help you convey the important messages of those who have a close relationship with Malaysia. Please feel free to contact us.