Media in overseas

We have expanded our advertising business in Asian countries using our knowledge
and experience gained in Japan.
We aim to develop our presencein out of home media industry in the world to offer unrivalled scale
and quality to make the community and clients more connected.

We established a local subsidiary “NAGATA Myanmar” in 2014. We promote our business in major cities in Myanmar including the largest city Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan. Our main focus is expanding infrastructure improvement type advertisement through intimate collaboration with Myanmar government and post office.

Myanmar is adjacent to the huge market of thirty billion people including China, India and Thailand. Because of its geological advantage, Myanmar is gaining more attention as a hub of physical distribution in Asia and tourist destination. We improve public infrastructure in Myanmar by collaborating with Myanmar government. So far, we have set up trash bins or mailboxes with advertisements and signboards in tourist places. This is a renovative business model as these facilities are installed and managed by the income from the advertisement, which enables us to contribute to the Sustainable Development of Goals (SDGs) in Myanmar. We are planning to establish trash bins and mailboxes in regional cities as well and develop new media.

NAGATA Myanmar Co. ,Ltd.
No.22, 1E/1, Royal Thazin Condominium, Boyar Nyunt Street, Yaw Min Gyi Ward, Dagon Tsp, Yangon, Myanmar