Infrastructure improvement and advertising business in Myanmar ~Trash bin with advertisement to make the city clean ~

NAGATA Myanmar Co., Ltd. which is a local subsidiary of Nagata Advertising is involved in a project that looks to clean the cities in Myanmar

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Starting with Mandalay, it is the second largest city in Myanmar, where the capital city of the last dynasty of Myanmar, Konbaung was placed. It is also the central of Buddhism culture and practice and a lot of tourists come for the Mandalay Palace, numerous monasteries and more than 700 pagodas.
Though Mandalay city has a beautiful scenery that nature and historical buildings were integrated, loads of trash were found on the street and even around the ruins.

Installation of trash bin with advertisement- Joint venue with Mandalay City Development Committee

Mandalay City Development Committee (hereinafter referred as M.C.D.C.) and NAGATA Myanmar co-jointly agree that “We would like to clean Mandalay city for not only residents but also tourists visiting the city”, and that’s how the joint venue of us started.

In 2015, more than 700 trash bins were installed for pedestrians and tourists at tourism places, public facilities and hospitals to improve the heavy littering situation. Later in 2016, 50 bins were set up at Yadanabon University and another 100 were installed at the Mandalay station.

In this joint venue, NAGATA Myanmar is in charge of setting up trash bins, maintenance management, and advertising sales while M.C.D.C. takes care of collecting trash. The cost of running this joint venue is covered by the advertising income of advertisements attached with trash bins.

This system enables Myanmar’s local companies to support this project, which will lead to make Mandalay city cleaner.Additionally, local employees can be encouraged to join volunteer activities as well partake in programs that look to enhance people’s awareness that “ trash belongs in trash bins”.

 To make the city more comfortable to live through infrastructure with advertisement
NAGATA Myanmar established the office in Mandalay as the business expands there. They create new employment in Mandalay and transactions with the local companies is looking to increase as well.

 Finally in 2019, they have installed the trash bin with advertisement at zoo in Yangon. We are continuously going to contribute to sustain community development of Myanmar by improving infrastructure in Myanmar through collaborating with Myanmar government and local companies.