Installation and operation of a large LED vision system in front of Nishi-Sugamo Station, our first installation in Tokyo.

We have installed and started operation of our first large-scale LED vision (LED Community Vision) in front of Nishi-Sugamo Station in Tokyo.

The main feature of this large LED vision is  its high level of appeal to drivers and pedestrians- since it is at a height that is more naturally visible than conventional LED visions.

This vision, which provides information suitable as a landmark in Nishi-Sugamo, will air content such as information from the local government, announcements from the police, quizzes and trivia. Together with sponsors in the community, it will expand the possibilities of outdoor media and be a useful media for local community.

In addition, thanks to recent technological innovations, this LED vision uses high brightness LEDs, making it a medium that can transmit information clearly at any time, regardless of weather conditions.

Regarding Sales of Advertising Space

By conveying your message through the Nishi-Sugamo LED Vision, you can expect able to approach a wide range of people who visit Nishi-Sugamo for various purposes. It is also possible to set the duration of the advertisement to meet your advertising needs.

We welcome clients who are interested in utilizing this new LED Community Vision to reach out to your target audience.