A page added to the SDGs article “What advertising companies can do to help create a carbon neutral city”.

In our website page on Sustainability, we have published a video on SDGs-related activities using Nagata Advertising’s new initiative, “Charging Facilities for Electric Vehicles with Advertisements.

What advertising companies can do to Help create a carbon neutral city -charging facilities for electric vehicles with advertisements

In cooperation with the City of Yokohama which is expanding  the installation of electric vehicle chargers in order to promote the diffusion of electric vehicles, we have started a project to provide electric vehicle charging facility free of charge and to use a corner of the electric vehicle charging facility as an advertising medium.

The advertising revenue from this project will be used for the maintenance and management of the charging facility, allowing the City of Yokohama to enhance its services to residents without incurring operational expenses. This is a sustainable business model that supports local government to make it easier for residents to use electric vehicles.