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About Advertising Nagata

Advertising Nagata was established in 1963 and we have supported more than 30,000 partnerships and organizations since then. We have been developing our business with a wide range of out-of-home media we own across the country including roadside signboard and digital signage. We provide a one-stop solution for all processes for their advertisement publication, including the negotiation with a landowner, planning & design production, construction, maintenance, and removal.

We privide one-stop service for safety and security.

We accommodate all processes related to the publication of the advertisement, which includes securing the location, planning, proposal, design production, content production, administrative, procedure, output, construction, maintenance, and removal. Especially for out-of-home media, the administrative procedure is necessary in most of the cases because of many restrictions to protect the landscape or prevent harm to the public. It is also required to follow guidelines of each type of industry, in terms of consumer protection and juvenile protection. We have a system that department of sales, construction management, design, production and legal can collaborate on the project to help our clients and landowners to relieve their concerns.

All over Japan・Global Network

Advertising Nagata has sales offices all over Japan, and each sales office contributes to the local community. Network Sales Department collaborates with all sales offices to allowing clients to deliver highly targeted and contextually relevant advertising to the right audience, at the right time, in the right place across the country. This system enables us to undertake all processes, including the installment of signboard, maintenance and management, and removal. We also build branding strategy adhering to cooperate identity (CI) and visual identity (VI) of our client companies.