Towards a Sustainable Future

“Benefit from the past, be proactive and convey the latest update,” - This is our mission.
Advertising Nagata embodies the sustainable society that everyone can live happily by solving social problems through advertising.
To accomplish that, we as a member of global society, will stand with our stakeholders and keep growing our company.

CSR activities

We have kept pursuing the possibility of the regionally oriented advertisement through the advertising media such as outdoor billboard or digital signage. We suggest “the most suitable location, the best method to express and the most ideal way to build connection” to advertisers both domestically and internationally and deliver their ideas to the consumers to make the community more comfortable to live.

It is also important for us to comply with the law and guidelines and consider the environment while we promote our business.

SDGs x Advertising Nagata

We have been sharing the profit from our advertising business for “the essential and convenient facilities to improve the community” or “the project to enhance attractiveness of the community”. We give form to new ideas, which were created through communication with the local communities and develop infrastructure as we promote our business.

For example, our digital signages at the local government office play a very important role to cater the information from the local government to the residents. Additionally, mailboxes established in Myanmar sustainably improve the life of people living there.