Infrastructure improvement type advertisements ~To spread Japanese-styled mailboxes in Myanmar~

Local subsidiary of Nagata Advertising has been renovating conventional mailboxes in Myanmar to developed ones. Utilized in Japan since 2016 it looks set to drive advertising revenue while improve infrastructure in Myanmar.

Sustainable cities and communities Partnerships for the goals

Nagata Advertising has been contributing the local communities in Japan with outside billboard business since its founding in 1963.
Based on the experience we have gained through those businesses in Japan, we have continuously considered what kind of business we can develop to improve the lives of local residents in overseas as well from various angles.

In 2014, we have established local subsidiary in Myanmar called “NAGATA Myanmar Co., Ltd.” and launched our enterprise, which focuses on “infrastructure improvement type advertisement”.

The conventional mailboxes in Myanmar at that time were not as highly developed as those in Japan. Therefore, we have decided to commence enterprise to renew mailboxes in Myanmar using our strength as an “advertising company” which got the backing of Japan’s Ministry of Internal affairs and Communications who was advertising for business ideas to improve infrastructure in Myanmar.

Our project aims at replacing conventional mailboxes in Myanmar to Japanese-styled ones which have a lot of advanced features.

Japanese ubiquitous mailboxes are red and cubic shaped, which while appear normal are designed to avoid the rain from coming in as well as keep out trash.
These mailboxes also offer the space for placing advertisements and the income raised from the advertisements covers the initial cost (initial set-up cost) and running cost (maintenance management cost).

Our project is contributing to improve infrastructure in postal service in Myanmar by installing Japanese highly advanced mailboxes without requiring financial burden to spread new mailboxes from Myanmar government and local government or people who use the mailboxes.

After new mailboxes have been installed, postal infrastructure in Myanmar has become more stable as we have many advertisers interested in putting their advertisement on the mailboxes.In June 2017, “Myanmar mailbox with advertisement renewal ceremony” has been held at the hotel in Yangon city and we have welcomed guests from the Embassy of Japan in Myanmar, Myanmar postmaster general, Japan’s Ministry of Internal affairs and Communications; as well as Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Myanmar.

About 150 mailboxes in total have been renewed so far in three major cities in Myanmar including Yangon, Nay Pyi Taw and Mandalay from 2017 until present, through a local subsidiary “NAGATA Myanmar Co., Ltd.”. Our next plan is to develop our business in regional cities in Myanmar such as Taunggyi and Mawlamyine. Nagata Advertising is going to support community development in Myanmar so that people can live affluent and convenient lives by collaborating with Myanmar government and companies.