Outdoor billboard

Outdoor billboard is one of the most traditional outdoor adverting format
yet still has a huge impact on connecting brands with audiences.
With that, we provide the innovative billboard allowing clients to deliver highly targeted
and contextually relevant advertising to the right audience, at the right time, in the right place.

As a strong tool for attracting people, as a symbol of the city,
advertising media continue to provide information over the long term.

Classic road signs at the most premium and impactful locations such as major intersections allow for complete location-based ownership. It is the opportunity to increase great share of voice and brand awareness among right audiences. The signboard that plays its role even on hot days in summer or windy days is the ambassador of the city.

Advertising’s road sign and outdoor billboard

Signboard as a tool to attract costumers

The general outdoor billboards such as road sign are often established in the purpose of guiding customers to the shops and they provide useful information for drivers who have never been the area before. They also appeal to the existence of the shops to the residents. Outdoor signboard would be one of the best promotion tools for the city when you start a new clinic or shop. You can expect the effect to gain new costumers or regular costumers for a long period.

Out-of-home media with legal compliance

When we install outdoor billboard, it is necessary to comply with the law or guidelines that were legally prescribed by status or the local government to protect landscape or safety in the city. Not to mention complying with regulation, our signboards are safe and reliable because we use ecofriendly materials.

One-stop service

We are the leading one stop solution provider in out-of-home media industry in Japan in terms of all processes of advertisement publication. Our service includes land negotiation to secure the location to set up media, planning, creative production, sheet output, administrative procedure, construction, maintenance management, operation service and removal of the signboard. Please trust our service and leave it to us. We have a system that department of sales, construction management, design, production and legal can collaborate on the project to help our clients and landowners to relieve their concerns.

Procedure to set up

  • Proposal
  • Application
  • Content and design proposal
  • Approval of the design
  • Installation
  • Completion