Other advertising media

New advertising media which create social demand

We handle unique media such as a guideboard for the pedestrians and an information board at the movie theatre targets a specific range of demography. We handle other media apart from out-of-home media such as TV commercial and newspaper advertising.

A guideboard for the pedestrians

A guideboard for the pedestrians is one of our media to participate social experiment to develop community through utilization and application of public space in Nagoya station area. It is user-friendly and socially meaningful advertising media.

“CineAD” located at the movie theatre

CineAD enables you to deliver effective communication targeting a specific range of demography through video content and flyer while waiting for the gate of cinema opens.

Professional sports related media

We have launched a new idea to expand advertising media at the place of sports entertainment in Japan. First of all, we have started to develop advertising media around the stadium and courts.