Outdoor billboard

Outdoor billboard is one of the most traditional outdoor adverting format
yet still has a huge impact on connecting brands with audiences.
With that, we provide the innovative billboard allowing clients to deliver highly targeted
and contextually relevant advertising to the right audience, at the right time, in the right place.

New road sign equipped high-brightness LED vision

Large LED vision in outside that grabs a lot of attention is digital signage billboard which you can transmit the information using movies. It enables you to advertise in various ways that the conventional billboards cannot do at the representative spot in the area. Because of its advanced visuality, it is easy to see even during the day and it’s attractive in terms of its sophisticated methods of expression to convey the information, which is unique to digital signage.

Characteristics of LED vision

Advanced visibility

One of the greatest features of LED is its high brightness which makes it easy to see during day time as well. It’s possible to deliver striking advertising expression with light and movies, which hasn’t existed before.

Attractive location

As LED vision is going to be set up in the place with many cars and pedestrians, the large number of people are going to be exposed to the media. You can advertise at the symbolic spot in the city.

Variety of expression

LED vision can attract people since its methods of expression are diversified including movies and pictures. Collaboration with other media is also possible. Therefore, it hold enormous potentialities.

Any expressions that disturb traffic lights or signs are not allowed.
Please be aware that the expressions which distract drivers including flash lights and appeal visually or story-telling content that requires attention are not acceptable.
It may need to fix the content if the police or administration required to do so in terms of road safety, living environment conservation and landscape preservation.