Company Profile

Company Overview

Company Name Advertising Nagata Co., Ltd.
Representative Ichiro Nagata
Head office 5-5-1 Higashi-yanagihara- cho, Tsushima City,Aichi Prefecture 496-0045
International Headquater 3rd Floor, Nagoya Dai2-Saitama-bldg, 4-2-28,
Meieki,Nakamura-ku, Nagoya City,Aichi Prefecture 450-0002,Japan
TEL. 81(0)52-589-2525
Establishment November 29, 1976
number of employees 882 (as of May 2020)
Business Outdoor advertising
-Billboards, Transit displays,
Other out-of -home medias

Our History

Yukiyasu Nagata founded Nagata Shokai in Oharu-mura, Ama-gun, Aichi Prefecture.
Gunma sales office opened for market development in the Kanto region.
Renamed Nagata Shokai and established Advertising Nagata Co., Ltd. as a corporate body.
June 1985
Hyogo sales office established for market development in the Kinki region.
June 1987
Toyama sales office established for market development in the Hokuriku region.
September 1998
New office building completed (Tsushima City, Aichi Prefecture) Owari sales office moved to new office indoors.
October 1998
Established Network Division (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) to support clients of a nationwide scale.
October 2000
Large electrostatic plotter printing system (SP2000) Deploy and respond to clients’ graphical needs.
January 2001
Became a designated agency for “JAR East Project”, Start traffic advertisement business.
November 2001
Handa sales office opened Expand sales office network to 50 bases.
February 2003
Opened “First Class Architect Office”
Started market development for large-sign and architectural fields.
October 2003
Development of a video distribution system “PLANET ONE” by PDP Started digital signage business.
August 2005
Opened “Osaka Office” as Kansai base of NETWORK Division.
January 2008
Established “Community Support Business Division”
Launched a support project for local public relations activities by PFI method.
June 2010
The introduction of community vision has exceeded 100 locations.
Celebrating its 50th anniversary.
March 2013
Launched the “Advertising Bus Stop Overhaul Maintenance Project” as part of the infrastructure maintenance project for local residents.
May 2014
Established NAGATA Myanmar Co., Ltd., a subsidiary in Myanmar, as the first overseas base.
Started infrastructure development project with advertising.
August 2014
Established a subsidiary “AD Nagata Malaysia Sdn. Bhd” in Malaysia to expand business in ASEAN as the second overseas development.
July 2017
The introduction of community vision has exceeded 400 locations.
November 2017
The introduction of food court vision has exceeded 100 locations.
December 2017
Started deployment of outdoor LED signage “LED Community Vision”.
August 2019
Established a subsidiary “GP-NAGATA, INC.” in Philippines.