Digital signage

It is an innovative media that can broadcast beautiful digital content.
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Advertising media appeals to customers in food court

Signage established on pillar or wall in the food court of large shopping centres. They deliver the information about shopping and events, message from the local government or high-quality video advertisement.

Characteristic of food court vison

Wide range of target audience

Wide range of age groups use the food court at the large shopping malls. The advertising media at the food court of the large shopping malls can be used for product promotion and brand recognition of various products and services as it is used by all generation, mainly by families.

Staying type media for about 45 minutes

The average time to stay at the food court is for about 45 minutes. The advertisement is broadcasted based on the 9 minutes program per roll and the customers are exposed to the advertisements for multiple times (5 times on average) while they stay at the food court.

Media inducing phycological changes

The result of survey to the customers after the exposure to the advertisement showed that the advertisements influence their emotional state that they want to purchase or search the products. People’s buying intention can be expected to enhance by the change of emotional status especially at the places such as shopping centre where the potential buying intention of people are increased.

Procedure to set up

  • Apply
  • Decide the location
  • Produce or submit content
  • Approve broadcast content
  • Advertising review
  • Start broadcasting
There are limitations of industries as the food courts are used by many customers.
The advertisements are inspected by the facilities that broadcast them.