Case Studies

Hybrid signage of Italian restaurant, Domani is the result of combining different advertising ideas.

【Place】 Along the road with heavy traffic (Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture)

【Client】 Italian restaurant Domani

【Media】Hybrid sign

【Feature of the advertisement】
A hybrid sign was set up along a road where traffic jams frequently occur in the morning and evening. This is an example of a new type of out-of-home media which combines the advantages of conventional billboard and digital signage.

 【Nagata’s service】
 We proposed a hybrid sign that allows the video clips to be changed freely according to customer preference. The customer can change contents like photos of delicious dishes, recruitment ads, and other announcements, etc.

  【Client’s feedback】
 “After installing the billboard we got several job applications from people who saw the new billboard. Also, since the announcement that we allows cashless payment has been released, the number of new customers has increased.”

【Report from】 Nagata Fukui office 
(Fukui City :population 778K)