Transit advertising

Out-of-home media can
reach commuters.

Advertising placed in or on modes of public transportation or in public transportation areas such as bus and train platforms. It is one of oldest out-of-home media yet it is still one of the most recognizable communication method today.

Feature of transit advertising

Repeated contact in daily lives.

It can be expected that transit advertising have high effect of promotion on those who commute by trains. Transit advertising has its unique characteristics that they are memorable as people are exposed to the media repeatedly at where they use every day. There are various types of advertising including the hanging poster in the trains or stickers at the door.

The power of mass and location targeting.

Public transportation is vital in major cities in Japan such as Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. The number of people living in major cities is large, and the impact of advertisement is as strong as mass media. It is dynamic location-based media effectively reaching all demographics throughout the consumer journey.

Large advertising space
that let you make use of your creativity

Transit advertising has a various types of form from vehicle wrapping, a large poster, digital signage installed on pillars and floor advertising enables you to make a dynamic and deep engagement. This is one of the most attractive features of transit advertising. Bus shelter advertising is one of our own media in the public road effectively reaching all demographics throughout the consumer journey.
The ripple effect by SNS can be expected as well by delivering highly creative impact with large space.