Event & creating media space


We plan, produce and manage events such as a fashion show. Moreover, we offer various activities and events to commercial facilities to attract more customers. Lending event facilities, including a large LED screen, is also part of our service.

Basic concept

From the fashion event for children to the stage where the models who will live in the future play the leading role.
Our company produce“Knowing Space” and “Connected space “by community-based fashion shows for kids, juniors and families.
We provide a place for communication between the sponsor company and the customer.


FASHIONISTA is run with the hope of providing the future generation models, their family or friend and the same generation with the chances to know the current global situation and think about the future and what they can do. We specifically work on the following three.
1. Encouraging SDGs
2. Supporting UNICEF
3. Introducing excellent “Made in Japan” goods for children

Various advertising solutions

You can use kids’ fashion show as an opportunity for product promotion through the large LED screen in the site, sampling, PR at the special booth, product introduction by models and MCs, sampling bags with promoting products or company logo.