To land owners

We appreciate your cooperation to develop livable cities for local communities.
We take care of application procedure and construction of any out-of-home media format.

Our heart from construction to removal

“Construction laying emphasis on safety”

It is essential for outside billboards to have strength to withstand strong wind by typhoon. In terms of the strength of outside billboards, the technical drawings are designed by qualified architect of the first class and architected estimating natural disasters including typhoon based on the national reference wind speed. We never compromise as they are installed outside.

“Maintenance to keep safety”

The facility is maintained based on both regular maintenance after 18 months and 36 months from the initial set up and regular updates required by each local government. We also deal with unexpected accidents with the highest priority. We provide 24-hour and nation-wide support service in the case of natural disasters including typhoon and our construction staffs will manage the emergency. We believe that the improvement of maintenance service would lead to the continuous safety.

“Reliable restoring support after removal”

We do our best to return the environment into the original state at the end of the contract. All the column and concrete parts will be removed and the land will be backfilled. Please leave it to us for all restoring process.

From installation to removal

Before installation
After installation
After removal

If you have any problems with this, please contact us.

  • To utilize the parking lot more effectively
  • To utilize rooftop and walls of buildings and condominiums
  • To install signs on unused land
  • Sponsor’s are not determined even though signs are installed