Advertising media we handle

We mainly handle various outdoor billboards, digital signage and transit advertising.
We also develop new out-of-home media including LED signboard and hybrid signage.

Outdoor billboard

Outdoor billboard is one of the most traditional outdoor adverting format yet still has a huge impact on connecting brands with audiences. With that, we provide the innovative billboard allowing clients to deliver highly targeted and contextually relevant advertising to the right audience, at the right time, in the right place.

Digital signage

It is an innovative media that can broadcast beautiful digital content. We offer clients the most sought-after sites across the country to access to valuable and targeted audiences.

Media in overseas

We have expanded our advertising business in Asian countries using our knowledge and experience gained in Japan. We aim to develop our presence in out of home media industry in the world to offer unrivalled scale and quality to make the community and clients more connected.

Transit advertising

Advertising placed in or on modes of public transportation or in public transportation areas such as bus and train platforms. It is one of oldest out-of-home media yet it is still one of the most recognizable communication method today.

Event & creating media space

We handle event planning and management too. For example, we host a fashion show with “community based” approach for targeted local children to develop their imagination and eternal abilities through the show.

Other advertising media

We offer clever and unique series of out-of-home media such as a city directory allows people and city to more connected.