Outdoor billboard

Outdoor billboard is one of the most traditional outdoor adverting format
yet still has a huge impact on connecting brands with audiences.
With that, we provide the innovative billboard allowing clients to deliver highly targeted
and contextually relevant advertising to the right audience, at the right time, in the right place.

New road sign equipped high-brightness LED vision

New OOH (Out of home) media integrating the advantages of road sign and LED vision. Strong recency effect can be expected by outside billboards as they offer product information just before purchase action of customers. This hybrid design enabled more sophisticated expression which conventional billboard couldn’t express.

Characteristics of hybrid design

Advanced visuality

LED vision with advanced visibility, which is 96cm tall, 128cm wide, 5,500 candela and pixel pitch 6.6mm is easy to see not during the day but also at night. It’s possible to deliver striking advertising expression with light and movies, which hasn’t existed before.

Flexible content management

You can put digital content on screen following the time table differentiated by time or day. The content can be changed and updated depends on seasons or weekday/weekend as you wish.

Variety of expression

The expressive method of your advertisement can be various as you can use either movies or pictures. Because the screen is monopolized by only one company, your ad can be very special, which exists only one spot in the world.