Case Studies

LED vision in Miyazaki City. Visible at a traffic light stop time of 70 seconds.

Along National Route 10

Inoue Skin Clinic (Miyazaki City)

Inoue Skin Clinic, which opened in 2018 in Miyazaki City, submitted an LED vision advertisement. There is an outdoor advertising ordinance that must be followed when posting outdoor advertisements In Miyazaki Prefecture, this outdoor advertising ordinance stated that advertisements cannot be posted at the area around traffic lights. 

The location where this LED vision is located is in compliance with the ordinance,  therefore you can place your advertisement with peace of mind. It is a valuable location where the LED screen can be clearly seen while the car is stopped  at a red light.
The fact that the stopping time is as long as 70 seconds also makes it a highly valuable location for advertisers.

The location of the LED Vision is a three-way intersection in Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture.
If you go straight from here, you will pass through the center of the prefectural government, city hall, and train station. If you turn left, you will be in an area where commercial facilities such as the driver's license center and AEON MALL Miyazaki are located, making this a very valuable installation site. (Miyazaki Office)