Case Studies

Digital signage(Myanmar)

Enables you to conduct persuasive promotion using motion video and still picture at the shopping mall or Central Post office in Yangon, the largest city in Myanmar.

Broadcast at where residents visit in their daily lives

Location 1: Shopping mall

The shopping mall is always crowded with local people coming for shopping daily. Our digital signage are placed at the entrance or around the main escalator, where are the best spots in the shopping mall because we can certainly grab the customers’ attention at these spots. We have installed standing digital signage and display with high resolution at each spot.

Location 2: Central Post Office

We have placed our standing digital signages and digital number displays at the Central Post office in Yangon and Mandalay, the largest-scale post offices in Myanmar. People waiting their number are exposed to the advertisement over and over again because the standing digital signage is placed right under the digital number display, which they keep their eyes on. Yukari Sato, Former Vice- State Minister of Internal Affairs and Communication, came for inspection in January 2019.