Case Studies

Shopping Mall

Promotional campaigns using the entire facility of the large shopping mall in the centre of leading commercial city in Malaysia.

◆ Characteristics ~Develop promotion in multiple spots at the shopping mall in the large commercial cities~

①Shopping mall in the significant commercial cities, Bangi and Shah Alam

Bangi and Shah Alam are the leading commercial cities in Malaysia. There are lots of shopping areas, and it is always busy and lively. We conduct promotions in the shopping mall located in the central area, where residents visit for shopping on a daily basis. We use the space in the shopping mall dramatically to enhance the effects of advertising.

②Promotion using the entire facility

You can place your advertisement at the high traffic spot in the shopping mall including busy entrance, around notification board, escalator, terrace, parking, walls. The advertisement located these spots grabs local customers’ attention and helps you to promote your product effectively.

◆ Procedure to set up

Inquiry → Decide location → Decide design → Deliver script → Approval of industry and design of advertisement by shopping centre → Put advertisement → Operation