Case Studies

Trash bin with the ad space

Contribute to improving the living environment by solving the Trash problem in a busy tourist city in Myanmar.

◆ Characteristics ~Installed more than 400 Trash bins mainly in commercial facilities in the city and tourist spots~

①Solve the trash problem in the city

Mandalay and Bagan, the leading tourist cities in Myanmar are the centers of the Buddhism culture and practice with quite a few monasteries and heritage. However, the trash that tourists throw away in the street has been a serious problem.
The number of tourists in Bagan is expected to keep growing because Bagan was added to the UNESCO World Heritage in July 2019.
We aim to enhance people’s awareness that “trash is supposed to be thrown away in the trash bins” and improve people’s living environment, which leads to CSR activities.

②Outstanding location and number of trash bin installed

More than 400 trash bins with ad space have been installed mainly in busy tourist places and facilities that residents use on their daily basis. Because of the location and the number of trash bins, tourists and residents are exposed to the advertisement repeatedly in their daily lives.