Case Studies

Media mix of large billboard and digital signage in a ward office!

【Place】 The community vision is at Minami ward office in Sagamihara city and the billboard is at the parking lot.

【Client】Yachiyo water company (Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture)

A combination of analog billboard and a digital signage (community vision) in a local government building.

【Nagata’s aim】
The billboard was set up at a parking lot in the ward office. It is a large double-sided sign which can be viewed not only from the parking lot but also from the main community road. For those who use the road and look at this billboard daily, we aim at increase the name recall for the Yachiyo water company.
Prior to setting up the billboard, Yachiyo water company had broadcasted their advertisement in the community vision at this ward office. For those who visit the ward office, we can expect a great media mix effect (to increase the advertising effect by combining advertising media with different characteristics).

【Client’s feedback】
“This type of advertising medium is well-received by colleagues in the same industry and has become popular in the area.”

【Report from】 Nagata Tama office
(Tama City :population 146K)