To improve the convenience of local residents -Community Vision-

Community support system operated by Advertising Nagata is active in the ticketing machines and number calling devices. These are found at the windows of the city and ward offices where people come for various procedures. These procedures include various life events such as transferences, births, and issuance of resident cards.

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At this window, there is queuing system that issues numbers to customers. A lot of people may not know it, but this queuing system was introduced by Advertising Nagata. Because of the usefulness of this system, Advertising Nagata is demanded to increase these systems annually.

The queuing system works this way; on one side you have the number queue display and on another side you have the news from local government and some advertising contents.

 Because it is Advertising Nagata that introduced this queuing system, it is also responsible for recruiting advertisements, producing, distributing and managing its contents. In addition, there are some cases where a portion of the advertising revenue is paid to the local government as an advertising broadcast fee and this fee is utilized as “a new financial resource” for the local community.

 The queuing system is only possible through the continuous support of local companies and organizations and their advertising fees, and Advertising Nagata dedication in maintaining and providing the platform.

 Thus, the digital signage “community vision” in the city and ward offices are used not only as an advertising media, but also as a queuing system used by local residents.

 Though we are in the business of digital signage and out-of-home advertising, we believe in the importance of giving back and helping the communities and local societies using these media.