What advertising companies can do to help create a carbon neutral city - charging facilities for electric vehicles with advertisements

In cooperation with the City of Yokohama which is expanding the installation of electric vehicle chargers in order to promote the diffusion of electric vehicles, we have started a project to provide electric vehicle charging facility free of charge and to use a corner of the electric vehicle charging facility as an advertising medium. The advertising revenue from this project will be used for the maintenance and management of the charging facility, allowing the City of Yokohama to enhance its services to residents without incurring operational expenses. This is a sustainable business model that supports local government to make it easier for residents to use electric vehicles.

Affordable and clean energy Sustainable cities and communities Partnerships for the goals

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular around the world as environmentally friendly vehicles. It is believed that the use of renewable energy sources to power these vehicles will bring us closer to a decarbonized society. In Japan, the spread of electric vehicles has been slower than in other major developed countries, partly because there are fewer chargers and charging spots.

Nagata Advertising has been involved in Private Finance Initiative (PFI) projects, such as using advertising to cover the operation cost of media for local governments to disseminate information and the introduction of reception systems to improve services at the counter.  In addition, it also  provides free hand sanitizers by setting up disinfectant stands with advertisements. In partnership with the City of Yokohama, we have launched a community support project in which part of the charging facility for electric vehicles are used as advertising media. In this project, 1.8m x 1.8m panel advertisements will be set up near the charging facility for electric vehicles.  We welcome advertisers.

Advertisers can expect to attract customers, increase brand recognition and product recognition, as well as other advertising effects by advertising here. At the same time, it shows the advertising sponsors are  supporting the lifestyle of local residents with electric vehicles and indirectly contributing to the achievement of the global goal of a decarbonized society. For an advertising sponsor, the number of people who see your ads and the demographic data of those who see them are important factors, we also feel the value of participating in initiatives that improve the environment and social aspects add value to your company. Nagata Advertising’s role is to contribute by creating platform for this purpose.

Through these activities, we believe that we can contribute to the achievement of the SDGs,, such as Goal 7: “Affordable and clean energy”, Goal 11: “Sustainable cities and communities” and Goal 17: “Partnership for the goals.